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Related party transfer property valuations

There are many ways of transferring properties from one person to another. The most popular ones are purchases and sales between people who don’t know each other, family-related transfers of properties or transfer between relatives and close members of the family.

When it comes to property transfers between family members, valuators have a very important role to play. Apart from ensuring that all the documentation is filled in and delivered in the right way, the valuation of such properties should also be made properly. We can definitely do this job with our best abilities and efficiency.


We have great experience in valuing properties for the purpose of ownership transfers between relatives. IP Valuations has been working in this field for long enough to have the relevant experience to understand that such transactions between relatives are not considered as "arm's length transactions” because of the parties who are involved in them.

There are many situations where related party transactions could be out of the purview of the stamp duty act. However, there are quite a few regulations governing such transfer of properties between relatives, as far as calculation of stamp duty amount is concerned.

While your lawyer or the person who looks after the transfer would recommend you on the stamp duty payable, when it comes to the actual valuation, you will have to take help of experienced professionals like us.

The reason why IP Valuations is a leader in Sydney market could be attributed to many reasons.

  • Fast response and service.


  • Accuracy of valuation.

  • Efficient management of entire process.

  • Total commitment to client requirements.


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