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Valuations for stamp duty purposes

If you are experienced in buying and selling properties you probably have a good idea about Stamp Duty Valuations. This is a mandatory procedure whenever you are transferring ownership from one entity to another. IP Valuations is a leading Stamp Duty Valuation company in Sydney and we have been servicing hundreds of clients over the past few years.

Many reasons could be behind the success of our property valuation business in Sydney. Let us present a couple of them below:


  • IP Valuations has a great experience when it comes to the most important part of Stamp Duty Valuations such as transfer of property agreements.

  • In superannuation transfers from one entity to another, there is also an element of Stamp Duty payable. IP Valuations provides such services fast and efficiently.

  • The Stamp Duty payable in cities like Sydney would often move from one area to another. Hence, having the right stamp duty payable would require us to always be updated with the prevailing rates of properties as well as the square foot rate set by the authorities.

  • We work on the latest software tools that keep updating stamp duty valuation amounts on a live basis.

  • Our support staff and specialists are qualified and experience having the right capability of stamp duty valuations within a very short period of time.

  • We often play a significant role when it comes to exceptions to Stamp Duty. We know well when and how we can help our clients to get away from the need to pay stamp duty legally.

  • There are different provisions rates under the law of Stamp Duty when ownership takes place between a seller and state-owned buyers and vice-versa. These are quite complicated cases and we could easily fit the bill

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